the taste of dreams

Okay, let’s do a little break down, Huffington Post.

(from this article)

'The Princess. (she's kween, bitches) Sansa Stark, sister to the Tomboy,

is not too bright’

'and is often punished for her vapid and romantic delusions.’

So wait, now were calling a girl of 13 who has dreams of marrying a prince (because of what songs say), living in a magical place, & wanting to fall in love: vapid & delusional? And she’s punished for it?

Well, Sansa’s not actually punished for her ‘vapid’ ‘delusions. She’s punished by a mad & insane King, whom is her fiancee, because she ‘lashed’ out at him, after he showed her the head of her father. She is also stripped naked & beaten by knights, whom she always believed would protect her. Because you know, ‘romantic delusions’ would have us believe that knights are supposed to be valiant and courteous, and not beat 12 year old girls.

Sansa is the smartest & most strong willed character in the entire series.

My skin has turned to porcelain, to ivory, to steel.

Her ‘skin’ (inner strength) & courtesy is her armor.

She can still be a princess and be a warrior woman.

She doesn’t have to fight with swords or fire and blood, when words and courtesy are just as strong.

This article is one complete pile of dragon shit & I’m not sure why the GoT FB would even consider posting it on their site.

COMPLETE DIREWOLF SHIT: ‘In case you had any doubt which, the Tomboy or the Princess, is more appealing to contemporary audiences, compare what happens to poor Sansa to her clear-minded, independent sister.’

The writer of this article clearly doesn’t understand that Arya and Sansa are two sides of the same coin, the sun and the moon, Valar Morghulis and Valar Dohaeris.

Huffington Post, you fail at everything.

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the taste of dreams